Well as the title suggests, I am starting a new army, and the new army is Necrons, this is mainly due to a pasting I took by them recently (and there wasn't a Death Ray in sight).

So this army came about during a trade, where I got 30 Warriors, 3 Night Scythes, 1 Command Barge, 1 Annihilation Barge, some Immortals, parts for an Ark, Obyron, Anrakyr, and a big old bitz box.

What attracted me to Necrons, well not the OP-ness of them, but the cool look and a nice contrast to my Tau as very little metal was used in that army, this gives me a new painting challenge that any of you who follow me on twitter will know, I have been trying hard on these and have just finished my Necron Lord, who will have some fluff written for him but so far he has his title, "Overlord Malandres, Conqueror of Deimos and the purger of Ashaim"

The scheme I have gone for is a Gold-ish armour, with Blue and Orange accents.

More will come of this project but this is the start of it.