Well today has been all about getting more of the commission finished for The Meks Workshop, so to jump further to completing this I have just finished the 10 Black Legion Terminators, I have to say I prefer the classic metal ones as a model over the newer plastic ones, but the size difference is noticeable.
Not only have the Terminators been finished today though, I have also managed to get through the Havocs and started the Raptors, with only 4 models left for this commission.
So it has taken a while (due to having the tip of my finger sliced off because of an infection and shutting me down from painting for a week), but the Cultists are done and the Terminators are getting there, 5 down 5 to go.
I am still looking well on track to being done in time and sent back to The Meks Workshop.
So let us stop this chatting and get some pictures up for you all :)